We have a variety of classes to suit all levels of experience from beginner all the way through to advanced (and everyone in between).

Beginner Classes

These classes are ideal if you have never danced this style before (or if you've never danced at all). These classes are a true introduction to the basic techniques of the style.

Classes work on choreography to various pieces of music, and the class works at the level of the group – so it takes as long as you need. The perfect way to begin dancing, have fun and make new friends.

Improver Classes

These classes are for those who have grasped the basics of the genre and wish to progress at a slightly faster pace.

Inter / Advanced Classes

For those students who have a firm grasp of the style and can handle being taught choreography at a quicker pace. This class is not suitable for beginners to this style of dance - it’s advisable to have some beginner lessons first!

Open Level Classes

Open level classes are at a general level and are suitable for everyone from beginner to more experienced - you can work at your own pace & level.

Performance Groups

These groups meet once a week and have the opportunity to perform at various events across the region. These classes require regular attendance and you must have some previous experience of the style before attending these classes.

Examination Classes

Please contact us so we can work out the best class for you, it doesn't matter whether you have or haven't taken exams in the past. Exam classes require regular continuous commitment during term time.